Alan Dean Artist

Valley Hill Country Club

To the management and members of the Valley Hill Country Club My name is Alan Dean Shariff, and for the last three months, I have been working at the Valley Hill Country Club. I am the older guy with the courteous greeting working with the teenagers out of the bag room at Valley Hill. I appreciate my introduction to the game of golf by being of service to the country club and its members by helping the golfers with their golf balls, bags, and carts. However, now I would like to offer my services to the Valley Hill Country Club and its members as a professional artist. While working at Valley Hill, I was inspired to create the drawing that you see on this page. I want to offer Valley Hill Country Club an opportunity to raise funds by selling limited edition art prints of my drawing to its members. I believe that many of your members will appreciate a chance to invest in collectible limited edition art prints that relate to Valley Hill and golf. Especially, limited edition art prints that have the potential to grow in value steadily. I also intend to offer my services to produce limited edition art prints to other golf clubs in our state and around the United States. The more golf clubs that contract me to create limited edition prints to sell to their members the more valuable, the earlier edition prints will become. And, the more golf clubs that hire me to provide art for them the more popular my art prints will grow which will add to these art prints value. However, there must be a first for there to be a second or a third and so on. I am inviting the Valley Hill Country Club to be the first golf club to commission me to create art to sell to their members. In the United States, there is over 15,000 golf clubs and 34,000 worldwide. According to the National Golf Foundation, there were 28.8 million golfers in the U.S. in 2000, 30 million in 2005, 26.1 million in 2010, 25.5 in 2011, 25.3 million in 2012 and 26.88 million in 2014. Recommended Golf Club Fundraiser Four original drawing, 100 limited edition print from each original. Total prints from four originals: 400 Print size: 18x24 inches, packaged in plastic with a cardboard backing. Each print from each original picture will be numbered 1 to 100 and personly signed by the artist. Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity Recommended retail price for each limited edition print: $300.00 each Wholesale price: $150.00 each with a minimum purchase of 10 prints each order. A 20% down payment is required to place an order with the balance due on delivery. Profit made by a golf club from 400 prints: $60,000.00 While working at Valley Hill, I was inspired to design four different pictures that I believe your members will love to see and purchase. However, I must be commissioned by Valley Hill to produce the three remaining originals drawing. Each original drawing will cost $1,500.00 with a 50% downpayment in advance. Valley Hill Country Club can sell the original pictures at a profit or have an auction. Each original drawing will take two to four weeks to produce. However, we can start selling prints from the first original now and begin selling prints from the other images as each is completed. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Alan Dean Shariff
Limited Edition Art Prints Proposal


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