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Understanding the Holy Quran 

The   Holy   Quran   is   the   last   book   known   to   have   been   revealed   to   the   world   by   God   to   Prophet   Mohammed   around   1,400   years   ago.   Most people   in   the   world   today   know   of   the   Holy   Quran   even   though   they   may   not   have   read   the   book   or   believe   in   it.   Also,   most   people   in   the world   believes   that   the   Holy   Quran   belongs   to   the   Islamic   religion   and   that   Islam   is   the   religion   of   the   Holy   Quran.   In   the   Holy   Quran   God tells   the   people   who   believe   in   Him   that   the   number   one   duty   of   a   believer   is   to   make   His   message   clear   to   the   people.   The   first   thing   I   believe must   be   done   to   make   God’s   message   clear   to   the   people   of   the   world   is   to   explain   to   them   that   the   word   Islam   means   the   community   of   people that   submits   their   will   to   God   in   obedience. Also,   that   the   word   Muslim   means   the   individual   that   submit   his   or   her   will   to   God   in   obedience.     In   school   as   children   we   were   told   that   the   purpose   of   a   word   is   to   represent   a   meaning.   A   meaning   can   live   without   the   word,   but   should   a word   live   without   its   meaning?   If   a   meaning   is   not   made   clear   for   a   word,   then   the   people   are   free   to   make   up   any   meaning   they   want   to   make up   for   that   word.   I   believe   the   meaning   is   more   important   than   the   word,   but   in   this   case   the   words   Islam   and   Muslim   have   been   given   more importance   over   their   meanings   by   the   people   who   had   the   book   before   us.   I   believe   that   this   practice   misrepresented   the   original   message   that God’s wanted delivered to the world with the Holy Quran. For   example,   if   I   would   go   out   and   ask   one   million   people   who   are   not   in   the   Islamic   religion   whether   they   have   heard   the   words   Muslim   or Islam   before   I   believe   they   all   would   probably   look   at   me   as   if   am   crazy.   However,   if   I   asked   the   same   one   million   people   to   tell   me   the meaning   of   these   two   words   I   don’t   believe   that   one   of   them   would   give   me   the   correct   meaning.   I   believe   if   I   went   to   another   million   people and   then   to   another   the   results   would   be   the   same.   Think   about   it,   if   every   time   that   someone   heard   the   words   Islam   and   Muslim   they   would had   heard   the   full   meanings   of   these   words   instead;   I   believe   the   world   would   have   realized   that   the   Holy   Quran   is   talking   to   everyone   who believe in God no matter what they called themselves. The   original   message   that   God   wanted   delivered   from   the   Holy   Quran   is   that   no   matter   what   you   call   your   religion   or   by   whatever   name   you choose   to   call   God   by   He   will   bless   you;   if   you   will   believe   in   Him   alone,   believe   in   the   last   day   and   work   righteousness.   Here   are   two paragraphs from the Holy Quran that should make what I am saying clear to you. Q2:62   Those   who   believe   in   the   Quran   and   those   who   follow   the   Jewish   scriptures,   and   the   Christians   and   the   Sabians,   any   who   believe   in God and the last day and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Q42:13   The   same   religion   has   He   established   for   you   as   that   which   He   enjoined   on   Noah   –   the   which   We   have   sent   by   inspiration   to   thee (Mohammed)   and   that   which   We   enjoined   on Abraham,   Moses,   and   Jesus:   Namely,   that   ye   should   remain   steadfast   in   religion. And   make no   divisions   therein:   to   those   who   worship   other   things   than   God,   hard   is   the   way   to   which   thou   call   them.   God   chooses   to   Himself   those whom He pleases, and guides to Himself those who turn to Him. Most   Muslims   believe   and   teach   that   Prophet   Mohammed   was   the   last   Prophet   of   God   and   since   Prophet   Mohammed   is   no   longer   here   on earth   anyone   who   believe   in   the   Holy   Quran   must   follow   the   books   of   the   Hadiths   which   represents   the   example   of   Prophet   Mohammed.   I   also believe   that   prophet   Mohammed   was   the   last   prophet   that   will   be   sent   by   God   the   Creator   but   not   because   of   the   hadiths.   But,   because   we   now have   the   Holy   Quran   that   can   give   anyone   who   believes   and   obey   God   the   same   understanding   as   the   prophets.   In   the   Holy   Quran   God explains   that   the   prophets   did   not   come   out   of   one   mold   and   everyone   else   out   of   another   mold.   God   tells   us   that   the   only   difference   between the   prophets   and   everyone   else   is   that   the   prophets   believed   and   obeyed   Him   and   was   blessed   to   rise   to   their   understanding   and   service.   I believe   that   anyone   who   begins   to   read   the   Holy   Quran   with   the   intentions   of   serving   God   is   just   like   Adam   and   that   the   Holy   Quran   was created by God to teach any righteous believers the nature of all things. I   don’t   believe   that   God   designed   the   Holy   Quran   to   be   a   book   that   is   owned   by   one   people   or   religion   where   everyone   else   in   the   world   must follow   just   their   interpretation   of   it.   I   believe   that   God   created   the   Holy   Quran   to   bring   about   religious   freedom   where   each   different   people can   read   it   and   decide   for   themselves   what   is   the   truth   from   God   for   them.   For   example,   the   three   major   sects   of   Islam,   Sunni,   Shia   and   Sufis did   not   exist   during   the   life   of   Prophet   Mohammed   and   were   not   created   until   after   his   death.   If   this   is   true,   then   all   three   of   these   concepts   are someone   else’s   interpretation   of   the   Holy   Quran   not   Prophet   Mohammed’s. Additionally,   we   must   also   take   into   consideration   that   most   of   the people in these three sects of Islam believe as they do, because they were born into the sect that they’re in. All   Muslims   today   believe   that   to   be   a   Muslim   one   must   consider   Prophet   Mohammed   to   be   the   best   and   the   highest   of   God’s   prophets, because   he   was   the   last   prophet,   but   I   have   not   found   any   support   for   this   belief   and   practice   in   the   Holy   Quran.   In   the   Holy   Quran   God   clearly tells   the   believers   several   times   that   it   is   very   important   for   them   not   to   make   any   distinctions   between   any   of   His   prophets.   I   believe   we shouldn’t   consider   Adam   greater   because   he   was   the   first   prophet,   Abraham   greater   because   God   made   him   the   father   of   religion,   Moses greater   because   God   spoke   to   him   directly,   Jesus   greater   because   of   his   virgin   birth,   nor   Mohammed   greater   because   he   was   the   last   prophet.   In the   Holy   Quran   God   tells   us   that   we   must   learn   from   all   His   prophet’s   examples   and   that   we   must   consider   all   of   them   to   be   of   one   equal brotherhood.   The   question   for   you   and   me   is   should   we   believe   and   follow   what   someone   else   is   passing   down   to   us   as   the   truth,   or   should   we trust   in   what   we   have   read   in   the   Holy   Quran   for   ourselves?   I   have   chosen   to   trust   in   God   and   believe   in   what   I   understand   to   be   the   truth   from God that I have read for myself. Here are a few paragraphs from the Holy Quran as a witness to what I am saying. Q4:152   To   those   who   believe   in   God   and   His   messengers   and   make   no   distinction   between   any   of   the   messengers,   we   shall   soon   give   their due rewards; for God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Q2:285   The   messenger   (Mohammed)   believed   in   what   hath   been   revealed   to   him   from   His   Lord,   as   do   the   men   of   faith.   Each   one   of   them believes    in    God,    His    angels,    His    books,    and    His    messengers.    “We    make    no    distinction    they    say    between    one    and    another    of    His messengers.” And they say: “We hear, and we obey: We seek thy forgiveness, our Lord, and to thee is the end of all journeys.” Q3:144   Muhammad   is   no   more   than   a   messenger:   many   were   the   messengers   that   passed   away   before   him.   If   he   died   or   were   slain,   will   ye then   turn   back   on   your   heels?   If   any   did   turn   back   on   his   heels,   not   the   least   harm   will   he   do   to   God;   but   God   (on   the   other   hand)   will swiftly reward those who serve Him with gratitude.

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