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Each   of   us   who   believe   in   God   was   born   into   this   world   knowing   nothing   and   all   of   us had   to   accept   that   which   was   told   to   us   by   our   parents   and   community   as   the   truth. However,   God   has   given   each   of   us   the   ability   to   study   and   grow   in   knowledge.   This should   eventually   give   us   the   ability   to   distinguish   right   from   wrong   and   truth   from lies   for   ourselves.   If   our   world   has   become   dark   and   evil   today,   then   this   must   mean that   God’s   light   of   understanding   is   not   shining   in   the   world   today.   The   reason   I believe   God’s   understanding   in   not   shining   in   our   world   today,   is   because   each   religion is   claiming   that   their   beliefs   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by   God.   What   I   have   found to   be   true   is   that   most   of   the   people   in   the   world   were   born   into   the   religion   they   are practicing.   Also,   that   people   are   going   to   have   loyalty   to   whatever   beliefs   and   way   of life they grew up in even if they are cannibals. I   believe   that   each   new   generation   that   inherits   God’s   books   must   reinterpret   them   to be   able   to   judge   for   themselves   what   is   the   truth.   Also,   whether   these   books   original message   and   intentions   are   being   misrepresented   by   today’s   religions.   On   the   Day   of Judgment,   the   answer   that   you   were   just   following   what   was   passed   down   to   you won’t   be   accepted   as   an   excuse   by   God.   What   I   understand   to   be   true   is   that   we   are free   to   worship   God   in   any   way   we   want.   However,   we   must   not   claim   that   our   way   of life   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by   God,   because   God   is   infinite   and   his   words inexhaustible. I   want   to   share   with   you   my   understanding   about   culture,   religion   and   the   true   purpose of   life   that   God   has   blessed   me   to   understand.   This   understanding   I   believe   will   help you   to   see   why   we   are   having   so   many   problems   in   our   societies   and   religions   of today. Also, what it is going to take for our world to get back on the right track.

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I   was   never   any   good   at   writing,   but   since   I   had   a   strong   desire   to   help   the   good   people   of   the   world   to   triumph   over   the   evil   that   is destroying   our   world,   I   began   to   write   my   book,   God’s   System   Restored.   When   someone   claims   to   have   an   understanding   from   God   most people   believe   that   this   person   is   claiming   to   be   great,   sinless   or   some   sort   of   prophet.   On   the   contrary,   I   only   consider   myself   to   be   a repenting   sinner   who   have   committed   far   too   much   sin   in   his   life.   However,   today   I   consider   myself   to   be   a   sincere   servant   of   God   obeying His,   laws   and   who   is   also   striving   to   set   a   righteous   example   for   all   people.   God   promise   that   whoever   changes   their   bad   conduct   to   good conduct   that   He   will   forgive   them   of   their   past   sins   and   bless   them   according   to   the   best   of   their   good   deeds.   I   believe   in   God’s   promise   and with my book God’s System Restored I am inviting all people to believe in God’s promise too. I   believe   that   I   have   been   writing   this   book   in   my   mind   most   of   my   life   one   thought   and   one   experience   at   a   time.   My   mother   was   a   devoted Christian   and   I   attended   church   with   her,   my   brothers   and   sisters   many   times   when   I   was   young.   As   a   youth   I   developed   a   strong   belief   in God   myself,   but   I   can   remember   there   was   a   day   when   I   was   angry   with   God   and   believed   that   He   had   done   me   wrong.   I   recall   sitting   on   the hill   which   separated   my   house   from   the   elementary   school   that   I   attended   and   asking   God   why   did   He   do   this   to   me?      Just   the   day   before   I learned   from   my   fourth-grade   teacher   in   a   history   class   that   all   black   people   were   once   slaves   to   the   white   people. Also,   that   we   were   once   or is   still   considered   by   a   lot   of   people   to   be   just   three   fourths   of   a   human   being. As   I   sat   on   this   hill   so   deeply   saddened   and   no   longer   wanting to   live,   the   spirit   of   God   came   to   me   as   a   thought   speaking   to   me   in   my   own   mind   and   it   said,   “I   will   make   you   a   teacher.”   I   remembered becoming   even   angrier   at   the   thought   of   just   becoming   a   teacher   and   said   back   to   this   voice   in   my   head   that   I   want   to   be   more   than   just   a teacher.   However,   since   then   I   realize   that   there   is   nothing   more   hornorable   or   noble   in   this   life   than   to   be   a   teacher.   Even   though   it   has   taken me a lifetime to produce this book I consider myself to be blessed to be a teacher of God’s clear message.   The   first   name   that   I   came   up   with   for   this   book   was   Climbing   the   Stairway   to   Culture,   because   I   eventually   realized   that   real   culture   was   a process   of   growth   and   development;   not   people’s   customs   and   traditions   that   is   mistaken   for   culture   in   our   conversations.   Further,   that   to grow   culturally   we   must   leave   something   behind   as   we   step   up   to   the   next   level   of   understanding   like   climbing   a   staircase.   So,   the   first chapter   of   this   book   at   that   time   was What   is   Culture.   But,   I   now   have   repositioned   it   at   the   end   of   the   Nature   of   Evil   chapter.   I   placed   it   there to serve as the introduction to the second half of the book which is addressing social issues. As   the   contents   of   my   book   continued   to   grow   I   then   decided   to   change   the   title   to   Righteousness,   the   only   Religion   from   God.   I   changed   it to   this   title   after   I   realized   that   there   is   no   such   thing   as   pleasing   God   without   being   a   righteous   person.   Even   though   I   changed   the   title   of   the book   from   Righteousness,   the   only   Religion   from   God,   to   its   current   title;   I   believe   that   the   overall   theme   of   this   book   is   still   understanding righteousness.   God’s   System   Restored   first   came   to   me   as   a   good   idea   for   an   article   on   my   blog   website.   However,   after   I   wrote   the   article   I realized   that   what   I   have   been   striving   to   accomplish   all   along   in   writing   this   book   was   to   restore   God’s   original   understanding   for   mankind. I   then   decided   to   rename   the   book   God’s   System   Restored,   and   in   our   age   of   computers   I   believed   that   everyone   would   understand   what   it means to use system restore on their computer.