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God tells us in His Holy Books that the number one duty of a believer is to make His

message clear to the people. These three articles below and my book God’s System

Restored represent my understanding of God’s clear message and warning that He wants

delivered to the world.

The Promise of God

In   God’s   Holy   Books   He   states   that   the   only   reason   He   created   mankind   is   to   see   who   is best   in   good   conduct   so   He   will   know   to   whom   to   give   His   best   rewards   to   in   Heaven   or His   worse   punishment   to   in   hell   in   the   next   life.   However,   I   don’t   believe   that   most   people today   really   understand   what   it   is   that   God   is   promising   His   righteous   believers,   or   have the   correct   understanding   of   Heaven.   I   have   no   doubt   that   God   is   promising   His   righteous people   that   they   will   be   blessed   to   live   forever   in   a   real   physical   place   like   earth   where   we will   live   forever.    If   a   person   does   not   have   the   correct   perspective   of   Heaven,   why   should this   person   strive   to   be   righteous   to   go   there?   I   don’t   believe   that   anybody   is   looking forward   to   going   to   a   heaven   where   everyone   is   walking   around   as   spirits   with   no   physical bodies living in white clouds where they may or may not get their wings one day.                                                                                                                                              Read the complete article  

The Religion of Abraham

If   all   three   of   the   major   religions   of   today,   consider   Abraham   to   be   the   father   of   their religion   shouldn’t   the   people   in   these   religions   be   preaching   and   practicing   the   same message   that   Abraham   preached   and   practiced?   The   Jewish   people   and   the   Muslims   say that   we   must   worship   God   alone   but   the   Christians   claim   that   Jesus   is   the   son   of   God.   My question   is   will   it   be   the   Jews   and   the   Muslims   that   will   end   up   in   hell   in   the   next   life   for not   worshipping   Jesus   as   the   son   of   God.   Or,   will   it   be   the   Christians   that   will   be   the   ones who   will   be   punish   by   God   for   association   false   worship   with   Him?   I   am   sure   that   most Christians   have   heard   many   times   in   their   life   that   Jesus   was   not   the   son   of   God   so   if   they are   the   ones   that   are   wrong   they   won’t   be   able   to   say   to   God   on   the   day   of   Judgment   that no one told them that Jesus was not the son of God.                                                                                                 Read the complete article

The Holy Quran

In   the   Holy   Quran   God   tells   the   people   who   believe   in   Him   that   the   number   one   duty   of   a believer   is   to   make   His   message   clear   to   the   people.   The   first   thing   I   believe   must   be   done to   make   God’s   message   clear   to   the   people   of   the   world   is   to   explain   to   them   that   the   word Islam   means   the   community   of   people   that   submits   their   will   to   God   in   obedience   and   the word   Muslim   means   the   individual   that   submit   his   or   her   will   to   God   in   obedience.      In school   as   children   we   were   told   that   the   purpose   of   a   word   is   to   represent   a   meaning.   A meaning   can   live   without   the   word   but   should   a   word   live   without   its   meaning?   If   a meaning   is   not   made   clear   for   a   word,   then   the   people   are   free   to   make   up   any   meaning they   want   to   make   up   for   that   word.   I   believe   the   meaning   is   more   important   than   the word.   But,   in   this   case   the   words   Islam   and   Muslim   have   been   given   more   importance over   their   meanings   by   the   people   who   had   the   book   before   us.   I   believe   by   doing   this they   led   the   world   astray   from   the   original   clear   message   that   God   wanted   delivered   to   the world with the Holy Quran.                Read the complete article
Introduction to Alan Dean’s book  God’s System Restored
When   we   have   a   virus   on   our   computer   or   it   fails to   operate   correctly   we   all   know   to   go   to   system restore    and    reset    our    computer    back    to    a    date before   we   had   the   problem.   I   believe   God   has given   those   that   worship   Him   a   system   restore point   to   restore   our   understanding   of   religion   back before    our    religions    of    today    if    our    world    has fallen   back   into   darkness   and   confusion.   In   the story   of   the   creation   of   man   God   gave   Adam   and Eve   everything   that   they   needed   to   be   happy   in the   Garden   of   Eden   and   evil   didn’t   come   into   their lives   until   they   disobeyed   God.   They   believed   a lie   that   was   told   to   them   by   Satan,   their   enemy and   ever   since   then   mankind   has   been   living   one lie   after   another,   except   for   a   few   brief   periods   in our   history   when   a   people   repented,   gave   up   the lies and returned to obeying God.                    Read the complete introduction

May God’s Peace and Blessings be with You