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Introduction Culture is a word most of us believe we understand very well. We've heard this word used many times in our lives, and we have used it many times in conversations about ourselves, our way of life, or when we are talking about other people's way of life. We also use the word culture whenever we are talking about people from other countries and other religions. However, I believe that most people today misuse and misunderstand this word, culture. Culture is the root word of cultivate and when I say this the meaning of culture should become a little clearer. Because most of us understand the word cultivate to have something to do with growing something. The true definition of culture is growth and development. That which helps us to grow and develop as a person, family, or society is our culture based on this meaning. What we mistake for culture in our conversations today, should be classified as people’s traditions, customs, rituals, and even superstitions that different societies have adopted over many generations for various reasons. Just because a community of people is practicing something in their daily lives does not mean that this is something that is serving their growth and development as people. To begin to understand the problems we are having in our individual lives, our societies, and the world today, we must start studying the difference between culture, traditions, customs, rituals, and superstitions versus religion. We must learn the difference between that which is helping us from that which is hurting us, and why. Based on this meaning of the word culture, I believe that the belief in one God has served humanity the most in our growth and development throughout our existence. However, today each religion is claiming that their faith is the only way to God and that the other religions are wrong. I think this disagreement between the various religions has created confusion in our society concerning God, which has caused our world to descend into confusion and chaos? Each of us who believe in God was born into this world knowing nothing and all of us had to accept that which was told to us by our parents and community as the truth. However, God has given each of us the ability to study and grow in knowledge. Eventually, we should develop an understanding that will provide us with the ability to distinguish right from wrong and truth from lies for ourselves. I believe that each new generation that inherits God’s books must reinterpret them to be able to judge for themselves what is the truth from God. Also, we need to decide for ourselves whether today’s religions are misrepresenting these books original message and intentions. On the Day of Judgment, the answer that you were following what was passed down to you won’t be an excuse with God why you did not do good deeds or worship God correctly. If you were born into your religion, what makes your belief any different from all the other religions that also say that their faith is the right way and that yours is the wrong way? If you believe in God, I encourage you to investigate for yourself what God wants you to believe, say and do to be of those who will be blessed to go to Heaven in the next life instead of Hell. In this book, I want to share with you my understanding of culture, religion and the real purpose of life that God has blessed me to understand. This understanding I believe will help you to see why we are having so many problems in our societies and religions of today. Also, what it is going to take for our world to get back on the right track.

The cultural condition of a people is the moral purity and tranquility a collective group of people encourages each other to achieve. Or, the moral decay and chaos a collective group of people allow each other to descend to by making excuses for bad conduct.
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