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The Promise of God

God   promise   that   those   who   believe   in   Him   alone,   the   last   day   and   work   righteousness   will   be   blessed   to   live   forever   in   a   beautiful   paradise we   know   as   Heaven.   However,   I   don’t   believe   that   most   people   today   really   understand   what   it   is   that   God   is   promising   His   righteous believers,   or   have   the   correct   understanding   of   Heaven.   I   have   no   doubt   that   God   is   promising   His   righteous   people   that   they   will   be   blessed to   live   forever   in   a   real   physical   place   like   earth   that   will   be   a   paradise.   I   don’t   believe   that   anybody   is   looking   forward   to   going   to   a   heaven where   everyone   is   walking   around   as   spirits   with   no   physical   bodies   living   in   white   clouds   where   they   may   or   may   not   get   their   wings   one day. Read more

Who was Jesus?

If   all   three   of   the   major   religions   of   today,   consider   Abraham   to   be   the   father   of   their   religion   shouldn’t   the   people   in   these   religions   be preaching   and   practicing   the   same   message   that   Abraham   preached   and   practice.   The   Jewish   people   and   the   Muslims   say   that   we   must worship   God   alone,   but   the   Christians   claims   that   Jesus   is   the   son   of   God,   one   in   a   trinity.   My   question   is   will   it   be   the   Jews   and   the   Muslims that   will   end   up   in   hell   in   the   next   life   for   not   worshipping   Jesus   as   the   son   of   God?   Or,   will   it   be   the   Christians   that   will   be   the   ones   who will be punish by God for association false worship with Him? Read more  

Understanding the Holy Quran

In   the   Holy   Quran   God   tells   the   people   who   believe   in   Him   that   the   number   one   duty   of   a   believer   is   to   make   His   message   clear   to   the people.   The   first   thing   I   believe   must   be   done   to   make   God’s   message   clear   to   the   people   of   the   world   is   to   explain   to   them   that   the   word Islam   means   the   community   of   people   that   submits   their   will   to   God   in   obedience.   Also,   that   the   word   Muslim   means   the   individual   that submit   his   or   her   will   to   God   in   obedience.      In   school   as   children   we   were   told   that   the   purpose   of   a   word   is   to   represent   a   meaning.   A meaning   can   live   without   the   word,   but   should   a   word   live   without   its   meaning?   If   a   meaning   is   not   made   clear   for   a   word,   then   the   people are   free   to   make   up   any   meaning   they   want   to   make   up   for   that   word.   I   believe   the   meaning   is   more   important   than   the   word,   but   in   this   case the   words   Islam   and   Muslim   have   been   given   more   importance   over   their   meanings   by   the   people   who   had   the   book   before   us.   I   believe   that this practice misrepresented the original clear message that God wanted delivered to the world with the Holy Quran. Read more
A African American Story The Culture of Science or Supperstitions I   would   like   to   start   this   story   by   telling   you   about   when   I   visited   the   city   of   Dakar   Senegal,   West   Africa   to   participate   in   an   art   show   there with   many   other African American Artists.   I   was   told   that   90%   of   the   people   in   Senegal   are   Muslims,   and   I   was   fascinated   by   the   wonderful sights   and   the   beautiful   people   that   I   saw   and   met   there.   From   anywhere   in   the   city   I   could   hear   the   call   to   prayer   five   times   a   day. When   their Masjids   were   filled,   the   people   would   line   up   by   the   hundreds   and   make   their   prayers   in   the   streets.   I   considered   all   of   this   to   be   a   beautiful experience for me, however something else happened. I   was   told   by   my African   tour   guide   that   he   could   take   me   to   an   Islamic   religious   leader   and   receive   a   blessed   pouch   from   him   that   had   pages from   the   Holy   Quran   in   it.   I   was   told   that   if   I   would   wear   this   pouch   around   my   neck   that   I   would   be   protected   from   all   harm. Also,   he   told me   that   if   I   was   in   a   plane   crash   and   if   everyone   was   killed   I   would   be   the   only   one   to   be   blessed   to   survive.   Furthermore,   if   someone   tried   to shoot   me   with   a   gun   that   the   bullet   will   not   hurt   me.   I   told   this   person   that   I   am   sorry,   but   I   cannot   accept   that   gift   because   this   was   not   my religion   or   my   belief.   Most   of   the   Muslim   men   that   I   talked   to   in   Dakar   tried   to   convince   me   that   their   form   of   Islam   is   better   than   others, because   they   had   the   belief   in   magic,   but   I   did   not   see   it   that   way.   I   was   also   shocked   to   see   and   realize   that   most   of   the   Muslim   men   were wearing   all   types   of   pouches   under   their   clothes   to   protect   them   from   the   many   things   that   they   feared. Yet,   I   was   impressed   with   how   deeply the   Africans   in   Dakar   Senegal   believed   in   what   they   thought   to   be   true.   I   remember   saying   to   myself   that   the   Africans   believe   more   deeply than any people I have ever seen, and that it was unfortunate that they were believing in the wrong things. While   I   was   hearing,   and   seeing   all   this   I   realized   that   there   were   no   superstitious   beliefs   in   me. Also,   that   I   could   not   be   sold   into   their   belief s in   magic   or   their   superstitions.   After   realizing   this   all   sorts   of   thoughts   from   the   past   started   bombarding   my   mind.   For   example,   the   white man   took   away   my   history   in Africa,   my   language   and   I   know   nothing   about   my   past   people.   It   was   at   that   moment   I   realized   that   God   had blessed me to be free, and from that point on I began to reconsider everything that I believed and thought to be   true. Read more                                                                                                                                                            Download or Share this Article
A Righteous Band of People Q13:17   He   sends   down   water   from   the   skies   and   the   channels   flow   each   according   to   its   measure:   but   the   torrent   bears   away   the   foam like   scum   that   mounts   up   to   the   surface.   Even   so   from   that   (ore)   which   they   heat   in   the   fire   to   make   ornaments   or   utensils   therewith there   is   a   scum   likewise.   Thus,   doth   Allah   (by   parables)   show   forth   Truth   and   falsehood:   for   the   scum   disappears   like   foam   cast   out; while that which is for the good for mankind remains on the earth. Thus, doth Allah set forth parables. This   paragraph   Q13:17   from   the   Holy   Quran   is   a   parable,   and   I   believe   that   a   parable   reflects   to   the   reader   an   interpretation   of   his   or   her   own understanding   to   serve   as   a   tool   to   help   explain   something   more   clearly   to   others.   In   this   parable   above,   I   believe   God   is   saying   that   when   you forge   metal   in   a   fire   to   make   ornaments   or   utensils   a   scrum   will   separated   from   the   metal.   However,   after   the   scum   separates   from   the   metal   it will   perishes   on   its   own   or   is   thrown   away.   This   parable   is   saying   that   this   scum   will   be   like   the   foam   that   ride   to   the   top   of   a   wave   or   torrent that   will   be   cast   out   onto   shore.   I   am   sure   God   is   using   the   example   of   forging   the   metal   in   the   fire,   because   the   people   that   lived   in   the   time   that the   Quran   was   revealed   seen   this   done   with   metal.   I   believe   the   scum   for   us   represents   everything   that   is   forbidden   by   God.   God   is   promising   to destroy   the   evil   after   it   has   been   separated   from   that   which   is   good   in   our   lives   and   in   our   societies.   I   believe   the   fire   in   this   parable   represents the   people   who   have   banded   together   in   what   God   said   is   good   and   who   are   forbidding   each   other   from   doing   what   God   said   is   wrong.   I   don’t believe   God   is   going   to   bless   any   people   to   be   righteous   or   successful   if   they   are   disobeying   Him   or   are   still   clinging   to   others   who   are   still disobeying   Him.   I   believe   there   is   only   one   way   a   people   can   be   blessed   to   become   the   fire   that   will   forge   a   new   righteous   world,   and   that   is   to separate themselves from those who are still disobeying God.  Read more                                                            Download or Share this Article