Each   of   us   who   believe   in   God   was   born   into   this   world   knowing   nothing   and   all   of   us   had   to   accept   that   which   was   told   to us   by   our   parents   and   community   as   the   truth.   However,   God   has   given   each   of   us   the   ability   to   study   and   grow   in knowledge.   This   should   eventually   give   us   the   ability   to   distinguish   right   from   wrong   and   truth   from   lies   for   ourselves.   If our   world   has   become   dark   and   evil   today,   then   this   must   mean   that   God’s   light   of   understanding   is   not   shining   in   the   world today.   The   reason   I   believe   God’s   understanding   in   not   shining   in   our   world   today,   is   because   each   religion   is   claiming   that their   beliefs   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by   God.   What   I   have   found   to   be   true   is   that   most   of   the   people   in   the   world   were born   into   the   religion   they   are   practicing. Also,   that   people   are   going   to   have   loyalty   to   whatever   beliefs   and   way   of   life   they grew up in even if they are cannibals. I   believe   that   each   new   generation   that   inherits   God’s   books   must   reinterpret   them   to   be   able   to   judge   for   themselves   what   is the   truth.   Also,   whether   these   books   original   message   and   intentions   are   being   misrepresented   by   today’s   religions.   On   the Day   of   Judgment,   the   answer   that   you   were   just   following   what   was   passed   down   to   you   won’t   be   accepted   as   an   excuse   by God. What   I   understand   to   be   true   is   that   we   are   free   to   worship   God   in   any   way   we   want.   However,   we   must   not   claim   that our way of life is the only way to be blessed by God, because God is infinite and his words inexhaustible. I   want   to   share   with   you   my   understanding   about   culture,   religion   and   the   true   purpose   of   life   that   God   has   blessed   me   to understand.   This   understanding   I   believe   will   help   you   to   see   why   we   are   having   so   many   problems   in   our   societies   and religions of today. Also, what it is going to take for our world to get back on the right track.
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