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God’s System Restored Introduction When   we   have   a   virus   on   our   computer   or   it   fails   to   operate   correctly   we   all   know   to   go   to   system   restore   and   reset   our   computer   back   to   a   date before   we   had   the   problem.   I   believe   God   has   given   those   that   worship   Him   a   system   restore   point   to   restore   our   understanding   of   religion   back before   our   religions   of   today   if   our   world   has   fallen   back   into   darkness   and   confusion.   In   the   story   of   the   creation   of   man   God   gave Adam   and Eve   everything   that   they   needed   to   be   happy   in   the   Garden   of   Eden   and   evil   didn’t   come   into   their   lives   until   they   disobeyed   God.   They believed   a   lie   that   was   told   to   them   by   Satan,   their   enemy   and   ever   since   then   mankind   has   been   living   one   lie   after   another,   except   for   a   few brief periods in our history when a people repented, gave up the lies and returned to obeying God.  God   tells   us   in   His   Holy   Books   that   there   are   only   two   things   happening   on   earth.   The   first   thing   is   God   wants   to   know   who   is   best   in   good conduct   and   the   second   thing   is   Satan   wants   to   prove   man   unworthy   to   be   the   highest   in   God’s   creation. This   means   that   if   we   are   not   living   the life   that   God   has   prescribed   for   us   then   we   are   a   part   of   a   plot   created   by   Satan   to   shame   man   before   God.   However,   God   did   not   give   Satan   any power   over   mankind   except   to   call   us   to   disobey   Him.   So   this   must   mean   that   all   good   is   from   God   and   anything   that   is   bad   on   earth   can   only come   from   our   obeying   Satan   instead   of   God.   We   are   now   living   in   a   world   ruled   by   Satan   and   he   is   now   commanding   the   people   to   follow everything that God told us not to do and is shameful in the eyes of God. I   believe   the   number   one   reason   Satan   can   get   so   many   people   in   the   world   today   to   obey   him   instead   of   obeying   God   is   because   God’s   light   of understanding   is   not   shining   in   the   world   today   revealing   the   right   understanding   to   Gods   blessings.   Everybody   knows   that   when   the   light   is turned   on   the   darkness   has   no   choice   but   to   go   away.   So   why   is   our   world   so   dark   and   evil   today   with   so   many   people   still   claiming   to   be religious   people   around   the   world?   Christians   and   Muslims   make   up   approximately   55   percent   of   the   world’s   population   and   all   of   the   religions makes up nearly 90 percent of the world’s population. Let   me   tell   you   why   I   believe   the   light   of   God’s   understanding   is   not   shining   in   the   world   today.   Each   one   of   the   religions   of   today   is   claiming that   their   way   of   life   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by   God   instead   of   promoting   righteousness   and   God’s   promise   to   the   world.   What   I   have found   to   be   true   is   that   the   majority   of   the   people   in   the   world   today   were   born   into   the   religion   they   are   practicing   and   that   most   people   are going to have loyalty to whatever way of life they grew up in even if they are cannibals. If   you   were   born   into   the   religion   you   are   in   and   you   have   not   investigated   the   other   religions   what   makes   your   belief   any   different   from   all   of the   other   religions   that   also   say   that   their   way   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by   God?   If   you   really   believe   in   God’s   promise   to   mankind   and   you want   to   be   of   those   who   will   enjoy   the   happiness   of   paradise   in   the   next   life   not   the   torment   of   hell   then   I   encourage   you   to   investigate   for yourself   what   God   really   wants   you   to   believe   say   and   do   to   be   blessed   by   Him,   for   your   own   eternal   soul’s   sake.   What   I   understand   to   be   true is   that   everyone   is   free   to   worship   God   in   any   way   they   want   to   as   long   as   we   do   not   claim   that   our   way   of   life   is   the   only   way   to   be   blessed   by God.   No   matter   what   you   call   your   religion   or   by   whatever   name   you   choose   to   call   God   by   He   will   bless   you   in   this   life   and   bless   you   with   a paradise that will last forever in the next life if you will believe in Him alone, believe in the last day and practice righteousness. I   believe   that   it   is   the   beliefs   that   all   religious   people   have   in   common   that   makes   us   more   alike   than   not   alike.   For   example,   all   Christians,   Jews and   Muslims   consider   Abraham   to   be   the   father   of   their   religion.   Also,   the   people   in   these   three   major   religions   believe   in   righteousness,   life after   death,   the   day   of   Judgement,   that   God   will   send   the   good   people   to   a   paradise   that   will   last   forever   in   the   next   life   and   that   God   will   send the   evil   people   to   the   torment   of   hell   that   will   last   forever   in   their   next   life.   I   believe   that   the   only   way   these   three   major   religions   of   today   can have   all   these   same   basic   concepts   in   common   is   that   the   same   message   that   God   gave   to   Adam,   is   the   same   message   that   He   gave   to   Noah, Abraham,   Moses,   Jesus,   and   Mohammed.   However,   after   these   Prophets   of   God   were   gone   I   believe   their   followers   eventually   changed   the original message to promote their way of life as being the only way to God’s blessings. In   the   Holy   Quran   the   last   book   known   to   have   been   revealed   by   God   the   believers   were   told   that   one   must   believe   in   the   revelation   sent   to them   and   all   of   the   revelations   sent   before   their   time. The   Holy   Quran   and   the   Holy   Bible   are   not   the   revelation   that   was   sent   to   us,   these   are   the revelations   that   was   sent   before   our   time   so   other   people   had   these   revelations   before   us.   I   believe   a   person   that   is   striving   to   worship   God   today must   trust   in   their   own   personal   guidance   from   God   to   be   able   to   distinguish   the   truth   in   God’s   books   from   what   the   people   are   practicing   who had   the   books   before   us.   In   the   Holy   Quran   God   would   always   ask   the   evil   people   what   is   it   that   you   are   following   and   their   answer   would always   be   that   they   were   following   what   their   father’s   pass   down   to   them.   I   believe   that   each   new   generation   that   inherits   God’s   books   must reinterpret   God’s   books   to   be   able   to   judge   for   themselves   whether   the   people   who   had   God’s   books   before   them   are   following   what   was   given to   them   correctly,   or   are   they   misrepresenting   these   books   original   message   and   intentions.   On   the   Day   of   Judgment,   the   answer   that   you   were just following what was pass down to you won’t be accepted as an excuse on why you didn’t worship God alone or worked righteous deeds. I   believe   God’s   system   restore   point   for   mankind   is   when   we   return   to   obeying   God   by   following   the   example   that Abraham   set   to   be   considered a   righteous   person   by   God. Abraham   was   before   Judaism,   Christianity   and   Islam   and   he   was   a   righteous   person   and   God   took   him   as   a   friend   so why   would   anyone   need   to   be   a   Jew,   Christian   or   a   Muslim   to   be   a   righteous   person   to   be   blessed   by   God   when   righteousness   came   before them?   I   believe   God   wanted   all   future   generations   to   know   and   understand   this   therefore,   this   is   why   I   believe   He   made Abraham father   of the three   major   religions   of   today.   In   my   book   God’s   System   Restored   I   want   to   share   with   you   my   understanding   about   culture,   religion   and   the true   purpose   of   life   that   God   has   blessed   me   to   understand.   An   understanding   that   I   believe   will   help   you   to   see   why   we   are   having   so   many problems in our societies and religions of today and what it is going to take for our world to get back on the right track. Holy Quran Chapter 2 Paragraph 62 Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians, - any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. 2 Paragraph 130 And who turns away from the religion of Abraham but such as debase their souls with folly? Him We chose and rendered pure in this world: And he will be in the Hereafter in the ranks of the Righteous. Chapter 3 Paragraph 67 Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed his will to God’s, and he joined not gods with God. Chapter 3 Paragraph 95 Say: "God speaketh the Truth: follow the religion of Abraham, the sane in faith; he was not of the Pagans." Chapter 4 Paragraph 125 Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to God, does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in Faith? For God, did take Abraham for a friend.

God’s System Restored

May God’s Peace and Blessings be with You