God’s Punishment of Hell Part 2 Most   of   the   people   who   were   disturbed   by   the   Supreme   Court’s   decision   to   legalize   same-sex   marriage   claim   that   they   want   to   do   something to   reverse   this   decision.   But,   how   many   people   who   claim   to   believe   in   God   has   taken   vacations   in   Las Vegas,   are   buying   lottery   tickets,   have gone   on   a   cruise   ship   that   had   a   casino   on   it   or   has   watch   movies   that   have   immoral   language   and   sexual   activities   in   it?   You   may   ask   what does   casinos,   the   lottery,   and   immoral   movies   have   to   do   with   same-sex   marriage?   But,   what   you   must   understand   is   that   everything   and everyone   who   don’t   believe   in   God   is   going   to   support   each   other   against   those   who   do   believe   in   God.   So,   if   you   are   giving   money   to   any immoral   activity,   then   you   are   helping   all   corrupt   actions.   The   number   one   reason   why   I   think   the   world   is   so   evil   today   is   that   those   who claim to believe in God and the hereafter is disobeying God in these matters. If   everyone   who   believed   in   God’s   promise   for   the   hereafter   stopped   going   on   a   cruise   because   all   their   ships   have   casinos   on   it,   they   would take   the   casinos   off   their   vessels.   If   righteous   people   would   stop   going   to   the   movies   because   of   the   immoral   language   and   immoral   sexual activities   in   them,   they   will   stop   putting   these   evil   things   in   their   films.   On   cable   television,   after   11   pm   most   movie   channels   will   show   X- rated   sex   movies   and   videos. Also,   24   hours   a   day   anyone   can   see   R-   rated   sexual   activities   and   heard   immoral   language   in   the   films   on   cable. If   everyone   who   believed   in   God’s   promise   would   cancel   their   cable   TV   because   of   these   sinful   behaviors   the   cable   companies   would   do away   with   these   things. They   can’t   make   enough   money   from   just   those   who   like   to   see   these   sinful   behaviors   to   pay   their   bills.   So,   if   given   a choice   they   would   choose   to   do   business   with   those   they   can   make   the   most   money.   I   think   the   people   who   believe   in   God   are   responsible   for these   immoral   behaviors   on   cable   TV.   I   say   that   because   we   continue   to   give   these   cable   companies   our   money   even   though   they   show   no respect   for   what   God-fearing   people   believe   is   wrong.   There   is   no   difference   between   disobeying   God   by   supporting   unethical   practices,   the legal   lottery   or   casinos. All   these   activities   God   declared   to   be   a   sin,   and   if   you   are   given   money   to   any   of   them,   then   you   are   disobeying   God. Each   one   of   these   activities   represents   the   eating   of   the   forbidden   fruit   from   the   tree   of   good   and   evil   for   those   who   believe   in   God.   We   are fueling   the   fire   of   our   destruction   against   ourselves,   and   the   curse   of   God   is   now   on   our   nation   because   so   many   of   us   have   tasted   of   these forbidden activities by God. God   had   already   blessed   the   United   States   of America   to   be   the   wealthiest   country   in   the   world   so   why   did   we   need   the   lottery   and   casinos   to make   more   money?   The   only   purpose   I   see   that   the   lottery   and   casinos   serve   is   to   get   God-fearing   people   to   disobey   God.   God   gave   Adam and   Eve   everything   that   they   needed   to   be   happy   in   the   garden   and   evil   did   not   come   into   their   lives   until   they   disobeyed   God.   God-fearing people should have known that God was not going to bless anything good to come from money made by defying Him. Everybody   knows   that   we   have   a   lot   of   serious   problems   today   in   the   United   States   that   we   didn’t   have   just   a   few   decades   ago.   If   we   would retrace   our   steps   back   to   before   the   lottery,   casinos   and   immoral   sex   and   language   in   the   movies,   we   will   find   that   most   of   these   problems   did not   exist.   Most   of   our   politicians   claim   that   the   solution   to   our   problems   today   is   to   make   more   money.   However,   I   am   telling   you   that   the only   answer   to   any   of   our   problems   today   is   to   return   to   obeying   God   as   righteous   people.   Most   businesses   in   the   United   States   have   become evil   today   because   they   want   to   make   money   from   God-fearing   people   and   evil   people   as   well.   God-fearing   people   must   let   these   businesses know that if they are doing business with anything we consider immoral then, God-fearing people are not going to do business with them. The   people   of   the   United   States   have   entirely   surrendered   to   forbidden   vices,   and   we   are   now   wondering   why   God   is   not   guiding   or protecting   us   anymore.   Nothing   good   is   going   to   happen   in   this   dark   evil   place   and   devils,   demons   and   even   monsters   exist   in   this   place. However,   God   is   inviting   all   of   us   to   come   out   of   this   dark   evil   place   back   into   the   daylight   of   His   blessings   and   understanding.   The   only condition   is   that   we   worship   God   alone,   believe   in   the   Last   Day,   and   work   righteousness.   Oh,   and   we   must   also   leave   behind   everything   that is forbidden by God.
Alan Dean Artist

God’s Punishment of Hell