God’s Promise of Heaven It   is   not   just   enough   to   believe   in   God   to   be   a   righteous   person   you   must   also   believe   in   the   promise   of   God.   God   promises   that   those   who believe   in   Him   alone,   the   last   day   and   work   righteousness   will   be   blessed   to   live   forever   in   a   beautiful   paradise   we   know   as   Heaven. The   only reason   why   someone   would   obey   God   in   this   life   is   that   this   person   wants   to   be   of   those   who   will   be   blessed   in   the   next   life   to   live   forever   in Heaven. However,   I   don’t   believe   that   most   people   today   understand   what   it   is   that   God   is   promising   His   righteous   believers   or   have   the   correct understanding   of   Heaven.   I   have   seen   many   movies,   heard   many   stories,   read   many   books,   but   I   have   not   seen,   heard   or   read   one   true   story told   about   Heaven.   All   that   I   have   seen   are   pictures   of   white   clouds   and   people   walking   around   in   all   white   wearing   bird’s   wings   on   their backs.   This   idea   of   Heaven   is   not   the   Heaven   that   I   understand   is   promised   to   righteous   people   by   God.   I   do   not   doubt   that   God   promises   His people   that   they   will   be   blessed   to   live   forever   in   a   real   physical   place   like   earth   that   will   be   a   paradise.   Yes,   a   physical   existence   where   we will   have   physical   bodies,   friends,   and   mates.   A   paradise   where   the   righteous   will   be   living   in   beautiful   gardens   where   rivers   will   flow beneath   their   feet.   A   haven   where   everything   will   be   made   comfortable,   enjoyable,   and   where   happiness   will   be   with   everyone   forever.   I believe   it   is   essential   that   a   person   has   the   correct   perspective   of   the   Heaven   that   is   promised   by   God   if   this   person   is   going   to   strive   to   do good   deeds   and   obey   God   in   this   life   to   go   there.   If   a   person   does   not   have   the   correct   perspective   of   Heaven,   why   should   this   person   want   to go   there?   I   don’t   believe   that   anybody   is   looking   forward   to   going   to   a   Heaven   where   everyone   is   walking   around   as   spirits   with   no   physical bodies living in white clouds where they may or may not get their wings one day. Those   who   don’t   believe   in   God   may   ask   the   question   if   God   can   give   us   a   life   that   will   last   forever   after   we   die   why   He   didn’t   give   it   to   us now   in   this   lifetime?   Think   about   it,   if   God   gave   us   everlasting   life   here   on   earth   before   the   free   choice   is   made   by   all   of   us   to   obey   Him   or not;   then   look   at   how   long   the   righteous   people   would   end   up   living   with   those   who   made   a   choice   to   disobey   God   and   became   evil.   Living forever   with   those   who   are   evil   would   not   be   a   good   life   it   would   eventually   just   be   hell   like   life   is   growing   to   be   today   on   earth.   The   true believer   in   God   has   no   problem   believing   that   God   can   raise   the   dead   and   will   give   them   another   one   that   will   last   forever   in   Heaven. Because,   God   had   no   problem   given   us   this   first   existence,   and   He   will   bless   the   righteous   with   the   Heaven   that   He   promised   them   in   the   next life. This   world   may   sometimes   seem   unfair   to   many,   but   The   Day   of   Judgment   will   be   an   event-based   entirely   on   justice,   and   everyone   will receive   just   what   he   or   she   has   earned.   However,   those   who   will   be   blessed   to   go   to   Heaven   will   gain   much   more   for   God   promises   to   bless them   according   to   the   best   of   their   good   deeds   and   to   overlook   the   worst   of   their   evil   acts.   No   matter   what   you   have   done   wrong   in   your   life for   which   you   may   think   that   God   will   not   forgive   you,   God   promises   to   forgive   you.   However,   you   must   turn   to   God   in   repentance   by obeying   His   laws   and   working   righteous   deeds.   If   you   do   this   before   it   is   too   late,   God   promises   to   forgive   you   of   everything   in   your   past   and bless you to be of those who will live in everlasting happiness in Heaven. Q40:8   "And   grant   our   Lord!   That   they   enter   the   Gardens   of   Eternity   which   Thou   hast   promised   to   them   and   the   righteous   among   their   fathers their wives and their posterity!  Thou art (He) the Exalted in Might Full of Wisdom. Q40:9   "And   preserve   them   from   (all)   ills;   and   any   whom   thou   dost   preserve   from   ills   that   Day   on   them   wilt   Thou   have   bestowed   Mercy indeed: and that will be truly (for them) the highest Achievement. Download or share this article
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God’s Promise of Heaven