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The cultural condition of a people is the moral purity and tranquility a collective group of people encourages each other to achieve. Or, the moral decay and chaos a collective group of people allow each other to descend to by making excuses for bad conduct. Is home where you come from and who you started life with, or is home where you are going and the people who believe as you do?
Preface According to the story of God and man, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, humanity was sentenced to live on earth with enmity and hatred between each other as a curse for their disobedience. I believe anyone who is preaching hatred towards others and blaming others for their problems is a part of the same affliction from God. No matter how justified they think that their reasons may be. When someone chooses to see the worse in others or blame others for their problems, it usually ends up bringing out the worse in them. For example, look at the crimes that terrorist has committed against innocent people because they think that others have done them wrong. We all can see that enmity and hatred are growing worse all around us and in the world today. Is there a solution to this problem, or are we doomed to destroy each other eventually? I believe the solution should be clear, if this curse of hatred between one another began with us disobeying God, then we must return to obeying God to end it. Yes, we do already have religions in the world, but each faith today is claiming that their way is the only right path to God and that the others are wrong. It sounds like even our religions have enmity and hatred between each other. So, how can our religions lead us out of this madness when they have falling victim to the same curse themselves? God tells us that He made us different so that we will Get to know one another not that we will despise one another. I believe the only reason we are not on this path that God created for us is because of our disobedience, and that we are now blaming others for our problems. If you would rather be of those who want to get to know the people different from yourself instead of hating them, you must believe this. You must accept that all good is from God and that all bad in from ourselves. However, to continue climbing the stairway to culture free of hatred towards others as you take one step up, you must leave one step behind. In this case, you must leave behind everyone who can’t accept that all good is from God and that all bad is from ourselves even if it is a family member or a friend. I know that this must sound impossible to most people, but this is the only way to set the right example for our family, friends, and for the world to follow out of this curse eventually. Afterward, to take the next step up, you must seek out those who believe as you do and join them in a race to see who can do the most good for themselves and others. God said, let there arise from out of you a group of people that come together in what He says is good and forbid each other from doing what He says is wrong. God continued by saying that it would only be these people who will achieve peace, fulfillment, and happiness in this life. And that these people will also be the ones that God will reward with the paradise that will last forever in the next life. Peace, my name is Alan Dean Shariff, and I want to share with you my understanding of culture, religion, and the real purpose of life that God has blessed me to understand. This understanding, I believe, will help you to see why we are having so many problems in our religions and the world today. Also, what it is going to take for those who believe in God, to get back on the right track.
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