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God System Restored By Alan Dean Chapter 11 Lost Children Doom Cities The Public School System Today   in   the   United   States   we   have   a   very   serious   problem   with   drugs,   crime   and   violence   in   our   cities   of   which   many   of   our   teenagers   are involved   in.   If   our   children   don’t   learn   to   have   a   respect   for   authority   and   a   desire   to   be   a   good   person   from   their   parents,   their   churches,   schools or   from   the   entertainment   medias;   their   cities   will   inherit   youths   that   are   subjected   to   gang   involvement,   drug   use   and   crime.   Most   cities   today face   huge   financial   problems   that   they   are   unable   to   meet   the   expenses   of   handling   the   problem   which   continues   to   worsen.   Some   cities   have   cut back   on   their   police   force   at   a   time   when   they   actually   need   more.   Certain   cities   are   requesting   help   from   any   source   that   they   can   to   help   solve their youth involvement in gang activity, drug use and criminal activity. I   have   some   recommendations   that   I   strongly   believe   will   help   these   cities   solve   their   problems.   My   first   recommendation   is   designed   to   separate youths   that   have   a   desire   to   be   good   from   those   that   do   not.   Whoever   coined   the   phrase   “One   bad   apple   will   spoil   the   whole   barrel”   knew exactly   what   he   or   she   was   talking   about.   For   so   many   years   we   have   been   allowing   entire   generations   of   our   good   children   to   become   spoiled and   lost   simply   because   of   a   few   ruthless   children   are   among   them.   Our   inner   city   schools   have   adopted   a   policy   of   permitting   children   that   are troublemakers   to   remain   in   the   school   system   despite   their   behavior.   The   children   that   have   the   poorest   behavior   then   becomes   the   leaders   of the   others. These   youthful   bad   leaders   eventually   lead   the   good   children   to   a   path   of   self-   destruction;   as   they   too   join   illegal   gang   activity,   drug use   and   criminal   activity   and   eventually   end   up   in   prison.   According   to   reports   there   are   a   minimum   2,200,000   people   in   prisons   in   the   United States   at   a   cost   of   $70   billion,   and   the   crime   rate   continues   to   rise   each   year.   School   authorities   are   under   the   impression   that   these troublemakers   just   need   more   attention   and   guidance;   however,   this   concept   is   completely   false.   What   they   must   understand   is   that   there   is nothing   that   you   can   do   with   a   child   that   wants   to   misbehave   except   make   sure   that   they   are   not   allowed   to   mingle   with   the   children   that   want to   be   good.   The   policies   of   the   past   have   failed   and   we   must   consider   putting   into   practice   a   new   understanding   and   approach   to   the   problem that can deliver the best results. The   first   thing   I   believe   a   city   must   do   to   address   their   youth   problem   is   to   separate   their   public   school   system   into   three   codes   of   conduct. The first   level   conduct   school   is   where   the   children   go   that   have   the   best   conduct;   The   third   level   school   is   where   the   children   with   the   worse conduct   are   sent.   The   first   and   third   conduct   level   school   must   be   in   different   locations   to   ensure   that   the   children   that   have   the   best   conduct will   be   able   to   go   to   and   from   school   without   coming   into   contact   with   children   from   the   third   conduct   level   school. The   first   conducts   schools must   have   a   section   reserved   for   the   second   conduct   level   children. The   second   level   section   is   for   those   children   that   are   either   trying   to   get   to level   one,   has   been   sent   down   from   level   one   or   has   been   sent   up   from   level   three.   The   third   conduct   level   school   must   have   their   own   second level   conduct   section   so   that   when   a   child   is   being   moved   up   from   the   third   conduct   level   they   can   go   into   the   second   conduct   level   without having   to   change   schools.   However,   when   a   child   is   ready   to   be   moved   from   the   third   conduct   level   school   to   the   first   conduct   level   school   this child   must   go   to   the   second   conduct   level   in   the   first   conduct   level   school   to   be   evaluated   to   see   if   he   or   she   is   ready   to   go   to   the   first   level conduct   level   before   being   allowed   to   go.   In   this   three   code   of   conduct   system   a   child   will   be   sent   down   to   the   next   conduct   level   for   whatever   a student would have been suspended for in the past.  No   matter   the   reasons   why   a   child   has   bad   conduct   one   that   cannot   conduct   himself   or   herself   in   an   appropriate   manner   should   not   be   allowed to   go   to   school   or   be   involved   in   any   way   with   the   children   that   wants   to   be   good.   When   a   child   in   the   third   level   proves   he   or   she   can   improve their   behavior   he   or   she   can   be   moved   up   to   the   second   level   to   assess   their   conduct.   If   that   child   continues   to   improve   then   he   or   she   can   be allowed   to   move   up   to   a   level   one   school.   Conversely,   if   a   child   in   level   one   behavior   begins   to   deteriorate   then   this   child   must   be   moved   down to   level   two.   If   this   child   conduct   continues   to   deteriorate   he   or   she   must   be   sent   to   a   level   three   school.   A   child   that   wants   to   be   good   should never   have   to   go   to   school   with   a   bully.   If   a   student   has   been   shown   to   be   unable   or   willing   to   conduct   his   or   herself   in   the   third   conduct   level school, the child should be sent to a 24-hour juvenile delinquency center to be evaluated for a mental condition. The   child   that   wants   to   be   good   should   be   the   one   that   gets   the   attention   and   money   from   society   not   the   one   that   wants   to   misbehave.   We must   start   a   new   policy   of   rewarding   the   children   that   are   being   good   and   let   them   and   their   parents   know   there   will   be   no   rewards   for   a   child that   cannot   behave   in   the   public   school   system. This   is   the   only   way   that   we   can   begin   to   save   our   children   from   being   influenced   into   becoming criminals   and   a   financial   burden   on   our   cities. Today   our   cities   are   breeding   far   too   many   wicked   children   and   this   must   be   stopped   for   the   sake of the children; the future of our country and before the problem overwhelms all of our cities’ resources. If   you’re   striving   to   be   a   righteous   person   and   you   believe   that   this   approach   will   help   save   many   of   our   children   from   becoming   evil   in   your   city, then   the   ball   is   in   your   court.   Most   people   believe   that   being   righteous   is   about   going   forward   to   do   good   things   collectively   with   other   people but   this   is   not   so.   Being   righteous   is   about   going   forward   and   doing   what   is   needed   even   if   you’re   alone.   God   has   declared   His   religion   to   be   a race   and   He   tells   the   believer   to   strive   as   in   a   race   to   all   that   is   good. What   I   believe   God   is   saying   is   that   if   you   come   in   first   place   in   the   race   to do   good   you’ll   get   the   best   reward.   I   believe   He   is   also   saying   that   you   cannot   win   a   race   by   waiting   for   anybody   else.   Don’t   wait   for   me   to introduce this idea to your city it’s your idea now. After School Programs In   part   one   of   Lost   Children,   Doom   Cities   I   made   a   recommendation   that   I   believe   will   help   the   cities   in   the   United   States   solve   their   juvenile delinquency   problem   in   their   public   school   system.   However,   once   our   good   children   leave   school   they’re   free   once   again   to   associate   and   mingle with   the   children   that   will   lead   them   to   a   life   of   crime.   It   is   not   enough   to   simply   control   the   children   in   the   public   schools   in   order   to   reduce youthful   criminal   activity.   Curtailing   bad   behavior   in   the   public   school   system   is   just   a   necessary   first   step   in   order   to   reduce   our   juvenile delinquency   problem   in   and   around   our   cities.   To   turn   our   juvenile   delinquency   problem   around   we   must   also   develop   after   school   programs that will help children to use their free time constructively. To   implement   the   three   codes   system   of   conduct   program   in   the   Public   School   System   will   not   cost   the   city   considerable   amounts   of   money since   this   program   merely   transfers   the   children   to   different   locations   based   on   their   conduct.   However,   most   cities   are   aware   that   they   must invest   some   capital   to   develop   after   school   programs   to   prevent   the   children   from   associating   with   criminals.   These   after   school   programs   can mimic   the   three   codes   system   of   conduct   program   by   discouraging   mingling   with   those   children   that   they   were   separated   from   in   the   schools.   If the   children   are   allowed   to   mingle   with   the   same   children,   they   were   separated   from   in   the   public   schools   in   their   after   school   activities   then   we have   accomplished   nothing.   Youth   crimes   cost   these   cities   large   amounts   of   money   as   well   as   compromising   the   safety   of   innocent   citizens.   If after   school   programs   are   not   going   to   solve   the   problem   cities   have   with   youth   crime,   then   why   should   these   cities   spend   large   sums   of   money on   after   school   programs?   We   must   develop   after   school   programs   for   youths   that   is   designed   to   aid   in   solving   the   problem   that   we   have   with juvenile   delinquency   and   youth   crime.   I   would   like   to   introduce   an   after   school   program   and   the   three   codes   of   conduct   system   which   I   strongly believe   will   decrease   and   eventually   brings   to   an   end   most   of   the   city’s   youth   problems.   However,   it   is   essential   that   we   understand   the   nature   of the problem first. In   the   past   we   gave   the   children   with   the   worse   behavior   power   over   the   good   children   as   a   result   we   are   losing   all   of   our   children. The   solution to   this   problem   is   to   turn   the situation   around   by   giving   the   good   children   power   over   the   bad   children   with the   hope   of   reforming   the   corrupt children.   Allowing   corrupt   children   to   get   away   with   doing   what   they   know   is   wrong   only sets   a   bad   example   for   the   good   children   to   follow. When   I   see   a   youth   with   his   pants   hanging   down   off   of   his   butt   I   see   a   child   that   is   a   good   follower.   Someone   gave   this   youth   something   to follow   and   now   he   is   showing   everyone   what   a   good   follower   he   really   is.   Most   youth   are   just   good   followers   and   all   we   have   to   do   to   turn   bad conduct around is to give them better examples to follow. The   best   way   I   believe   we   can   give   the   good   children   power   over   the   bad   ones   will   be   to   first   create   an   environment   for   the   good   children   where bad   behavior   is   not   tolerated   in   any   way. The   rules   for   this   environment   must   be   very   strict   for   the   purpose   of   separating   those   who   do   not   want to   obey   the   rules   from   those   that   do   and   expulsion must   be the   penalty   for   disobeying   any   of   the   rules   in   the   beginning. I   believe   the   good children   will   appreciate   these   strict   rules   because   they   know   that   these   strict   rules   are   necessary   so   that   they   can   have   fun   without   the   trouble makers   being   around. The   first   purpose   of   this   environment   is   to   give   the   children   that   want   to   be   good   a   place   where   they   can   enjoy   being   with others who also want to be good without being bullied. What   I   believe   will   work   best   for   the   purpose   is   an   after   school   marching   cadet   academy   that   will   target   children   from   the   communities   with the   worst   problems.   Some   may   say   that   an   academy   with   such   strict   rules   will   not   have   any   members   but   what   we   must   understand   is   that   the members   who   chooses   to   obey   the   academy   rules   first   will   be   designated   the   leaders   for   those   youths   who   will   join   the   academy   after   them. The children   who   are   willing   to   obey   the   rules   must   be   the   ones   trained   first   to   build   a   strong   foundation   of   integrity   for   this   academy.   A   Marching Academy   is   a   rank   system   where   children   with   the   best   behavior   will   be   given   ranks   above   those   that   join   the   academy   after   them.   I   believe   that this   will   be   the   best   way   to   encourage   the youth   to follow   leadership and   to do   the   right   things.   Initially   membership   in   this   academy   may   be small   but   I   believe   it   will   increase   over   time   once   the   other   children   realizes   that   they   are   missing   out   on   a   lot   of   fun   they   could   be   enjoying   if they would just obey the rules. I   believe   it   would   be   very   important   to   make   it   mandatory   that   all   academy   members attend   character   building   classes   at   this   academy   so that each   member   will   learn   the   importance   of having   kindness,   respect   and   consideration   for   each   other.   I   also   believe   that   it   must   be   mandatory that   all   members   take   an   oath   of   integrity   and   loyalty   to   be   a   member   of   this   academy. The   oath   that   the   boy   scouts   take   to   become   a   member   is an   excellent   oath   for   this   program   too.   Similarly,   the   adult   instructors   of   this   academy   must   also   take   the   same   oath   as   the   members   to   become an academy instructor. In   an   academy   of   this   nature   I   believe   that   a   chaperon   system   that   requires   a   third-party   be   present   at   all   times   must   be   made   mandatory   to safeguard   against   evil.   In   this   chaperone   system   no   adult   can   be   alone   when   dealing   with   any   one   child, no   children   can   be   alone   at   any   time without   an   adult   being   present   and   no   two   adults   can   be   alone   together   at   any   given   time.   When   dealing   with   children   that   may   have   a   variety of   mental   or   emotional   problems   a   child   could   bring   up   false   charges   against   an   instructor   or   another   member   that   they   dislike.   When   there   is   a third-party   present   at   all   times   there   will   always   be   someone   available   who   will   be   able   to   bear   witness   to   what   actually   happened   when   an incident becomes a issue. I   believe   it   is   very   important   that   the   individuals   who   will   be   working   for   this   academy   as   instructors be   paid   for   their   time   and   services.   The problems   that   we   have   with   our   youths   in   our   cities   has   become   so   serious   that   just   relying   on   volunteers   will   never   be   enough   to   address   these problems.   A   volunteer   may   help   today   but   tomorrow   he   or   she   may   not   feel   like   helping.   If   we   are   willing   to   pay   policemen   and   women   to   fight crime, we must also be willing to pay people to serve to prevent crime. Academy Activities: I   believe   in   this   academy   the   youth   members   should   be   trained   to   march   and   perform   in   parades   in   their   city. Teaching   the   children   to   march   is a   great   way   to   instill   discipline   in   those   that   more   than   likely   have   none   and   I   believe it   will   also   be   a   good   way   to   instill   a   sense   of   pride   in   the children.   During   the   winter   time   the   members   can   learn   marching   skills,   how   to   play   band   instruments   and   participate   in   a   variety   of   indoor sports.   In   the   summer   time   the   different   academy   locations   can   compete   against   each   other   in   parades   and   sports   competitions.   Once   a   year   this academy   can   have   an   award   banquet   where   the   members’   families   and   community   can   come   together   to   get   to   know   each   other and   to   see   their children   receive   rewards   for   being   the   best   in   their   category.   Each   location   that   belonged   to   the   academy   can   develop   their   own   sports   teams   to compete   against   the   other   academy   locations   for   rewards;   for   example,   baseball,   basketball,   volleyball,   football,   self-defense   and   more.   I   believe   it is   very   important   that   each   academy   location   only   allow   their   members   to   associate   and   compete   against   other   locations   that   belong   to   their academy.   I   believe   that   this   marching   academy   concept   should   be   a   city   controlled   program;   and   the   city   should   provide   the   space   required   for this   academy   in   public   buildings,   for   example   school   gymnasiums   and   unused   buildings   in   the   city.   Most   cities   in   the   United   States   now   have several   schools   that   have   been   closed   for   a   lack   of   money   and these   unused   schools   can   be   reopened   to   accommodate   this   marching   academy concept. A   city   that   establishes   a   three   code   of   conduct   system   in   their   public   schools   and   an   after   school   academy   like   this   would   be   the   city   I   would want   to   live   in   and   give   my   support.   I   have   a   Youth   Cultural   Art   Center   program   but   I   know   that   I   cannot   teach   a   child   that   has   not   yet   made the   right   choices   to   be   good.   I   would   want   to   recruit   my   students   for   my   center   from   an   academy   concept   such   as   this.   I   believe   that   many   other people   and   organizations   would   want   to   recruit   their   students   from   an   academy   such   as   this   one   as   well.   If   I   was   in   a   city   that   had   an   academy similar   to   this   and   a   youth   was   interested   in   becoming   a   member   of   my   cultural   art   center,   I   would   tell   this youth   that   he   or   she   would   be required   to   become   a   member   of   this   academy   first.   After   having   achieved   a   satisfactory   level   that   shows   me   that   he   or   she   has   been   tested   on having good character and an ability to work with others then he or she will be eligible to apply for membership again at my center. Today,   many   cities   in   the   United   States   are   competing   with   each   other   on   how   beautiful   they   can   remodel   their   city   and   how   many   tourism dollars   that   they   can   bring   in.   If   a   city   really   wants   to   be   the   best,   then   I   recommend   that   they   also   strive   to   receive   God’s   blessings   too.   If   your city   is   the   first   to   establish   a   three   code   of   conduct   system   in   their   public   school   and   an   after   school   academy   like   this   one,   I   believe   that   your city   would   be   blessed   to   be   the   model   for   all   of   the   other   cities   to   follow.   I   believe   that   the   children   that   succeeded   in   this   academy   will   become recognized   as   the   best   instead   of   the   worst.   All   it   would   take   is   a   few   righteous   people   and   a   city   that   is   willing   to   support   those   who   are   striving to win the race to please God. Wicked Cities In   parts   1   and   2   of   Lost   Children,   Doom   Cities   I   introduced   two   youth   programs   that   I   believe   will   help   solve   the   problems   most   of   our   cities   in the   United   States   have   today   with   youth   gangs,   drugs,   and   crime.   However,   it   doesn’t   matter   how   good   a   youth   program   may   be   if   our   cities   in the   United   States   are   too   wicked   themselves   to   be   able   to   do   anything   good   for   their   children   or   themselves.   Also,   when   most   of   the   good people in these cities have evil friends and their evil friends will not let them do anything that is good. What   we   must   understand   before   we   can   change   our   youth   problems   is   that   we   as   adults   in   the   United   States   have   some   of   the   same   problems as   our   youth.   As   a   country   today   we   are   allowing   evil   things   and   people   to   be   our   leaders   and   now   we   are   wondering   why   our   youth   cannot   do what   is   right.   How   can   we   expect   our   children   to   do   what   is   right   when   the   adults   are   not   willing   to   do   what   is   right   themselves?   As   adults   we must set the first example of what is right from wrong if we are going to expect our children to do what is right. Our   cities   today   represent   the   frontline   in   our   struggle   against   evil   because   it   is   the   cities   that   are   facing   most   of   the   financial   burdens   from   this country’s   growing   immorality,   crime   rate   and   homelessness.   Unfortunately,   their   state   or   the   Federal   Government   won’t   be   able   to   help   them much   because   they’re   suffering   from   their   own   financial   burdens.   No   matter   why   we   have   so   many   problems   today   that   we   did   not   have   just   a few   decades   ago,   our   youth   problems   is   going   to   continue   to   get   worse   until   we   take   the   right   actions   to   solve   these   problems.   However,   I   believe that   these   cities   must   first   end   the   legal   lottery   business   in   their   city   before   God   will   bless   them   to   be   successful   in   solving   any   of   their problems.  The   people   in   authority   in   these   cities   cannot   help   those   who   want   to   do   good   and   those   who   want   to   take   advantage   of   the   people at   the   same   time. This   conflict   of   interest   has   crippled   the   city’s   ability   to   be   able   to   help   themselves   or   anyone   else.   If   the   money   generated   from the   Lottery   has   helped   our   country   so   much   then   why   are   our   schools,   city,   state   and   federal   governments   suffering   from   such   a   serious   financial problem   today?   I   believe   our   country’s   financial   problem   has   continued   to   go   downhill   because   God   is   not   going   to   bless   anything   good   to   come from evil money made from disobeying Him. God   promises   that   He   will   curse   those   who   are   disobeying   Him   in   this   life   and   that   He   will   deliver   them   down   into   the   punishment   of   hell   in the   next   life.   The   truth   that   we   must   begin   to   face   is   that   many   of   the   problems   that   we   have   in   our   society   today   are   just   a   part   of   God’s punishment   for   us   aiding   evil   things   and   people. You   cannot   be   in   partnership   with   people   who   are   doing   evil   things   and   expect   to   be   blessed   by God no matter how much good you think you’re doing. Righteousness and obedience to God is the only real solution. Many   individuals   today   believe   that   it’s   too   late   for   our   country   to   become   righteous   again   and   that   our   problems   are   just   too   big   and   heavy   for our   cities   to   change.   This   is   true   if   we   expect   to   change   everything   that   is   wrong   at   the   same   time.   Let’s   look   at   our   society   as   if   it   was   a   long heavy   railroad   train   that   needs   to   get   into   motion   in   the   right   direction.   Our   society   train   is   so   heavy   that   if   we   try   to   get   everything   in   motion or   try   to   change   everything   that   is   wrong   at   the   same   time   we   are   not   going   to   get   anything   moving.   If   an   engineer   of   a   real   train   tries   to   get   all of   the   cars   in   his   train   to   move   at   the   same   time   that   train   would   never   move.   It   would   just   break   apart   every   time   he   tries   to   move   it   because   his train   is   also   too   heavy.   So   how   does   the   engineer   get   his   train   to   move?   The   engineer   will   only   try   to   get   the   first   car   in   his   train   to   move   and once   the   first   car   begins   to   move   that   first   car   will   get   the   second   car   to   move   and   the   second   car   will   get   the   third   car   to   move   and   this   process will   continue   all   the   way   down   the   line   until   all   of   the   cars   in   his   train   are   in   motion.   Once   all   of   the   cars   in   his   train   are   moving   the   engineer can then take off and go as fast as the tracks he is riding on will allow him to go . I   believe   we   can   get   most   of   the   people   in   our   society   aboard   our   righteous   train   moving   in   the   right   direction   away   from   being   evil   but   we   must begin   by   getting   that   right   program   moving   first.   The   right   project   that   is   willing   to   set   a   righteous   example   can   be   blessed   to   get   that   first   car moving. The   youth   programs   that   I   am   introducing   in   this   chapter   can   be   that   first   car   in   this   righteous   train   that   can   eventually   get   everything else   moving   in   the   right   direction.   However,   we   need   those   who   believe   in   God   to   separate   themselves   from   their   evil   friends,   family   and   co- workers   first   and   support   each   other   to   be   blessed   by   God   to   get   anything   good   into   motion.   Nothing   that   we   want   to   do   will   be   blessed   by   God to   succeed   if   there   are   evil   people involved   because   one   bad   apple   will   spoil   the   whole   project.   Why   allow   someone   who   is   evil   to   be   involved when the only thing this individual can do is derail what you’re trying to accomplish? However,   if   you   would   separate   yourselves   from   your   evil   friends,   family,   and   co-workers   first   God   can   bless   them   to   also   get   on   board   your righteous   train   just   not   at   the   same   time   as   you.   They   may   not   get   on   board   with   you   on   the   first   car   but   because   you   were   willing   to   set   the right   example   first   for   them   to   follow   they   could   eventually   decide   to   get   on   board   the   tenth   or   the   twentieth   car.   Maybe   they   won’t   decide   to get   on   board   until   the   fiftieth   program   start   moving   in   your   righteous   train   but   when   they   do   decide   to   get   on   board   they   won’t   be   doing   evil things any longer; they will be striving to be a righteous person like you. People   get   ready   because   there   is   a   righteous   train   coming. There   is   no   room   for   the   hopeless   sinners   and   all   you   need   to   do   to   get   on   board   is   to obey God’s laws .

Lost Children Doom Cities