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Alan Dean Artist
I   am   originally   from   Baltimore   Md.   but   I   have   traveled   to   and   lived   in   several   states   in   the   United   States   over   the   years.   Eventually,   I ended   up   moving   to   the   Caribbean   where   I   lived   for   over   a   decade,   enjoying   the   beautiful   people   and   places   down   there.   While   there,   I produced   several   of   the   drawings   that   you   see   on   my   website.   While   in   the   Caribbean   I   was   also   blessed   to   pursue   my   other   love,   which is   singing.   I   billed   myself   as   The   Soul   Singer    and   I   entertained   tourists   visiting   the   resorts,   hotels   and   restaurants   on   the   island   I   was living at the time. If you would like to hear my singing and see a few of my videos from the islands you can click my singing tab. In   the   1980s   I   was   blessed   to   participate   in   an   art   show   in   West Africa   with   many   other African American   artist.   Recently,I   spent   a   year in   Southeast   Asia   where   I   spent   time   traveling   throughout   the   Philippines,   Cambodia   and   Vietnam.   I   enjoyed   my   traveling   very   much and   I   have   seen   some   beautiful   places   and   met   some   fascinating   people.   However,   everywhere   I   have   been   I   found   that   the   people   had more   problems   than   what   we   have   in   the   United   States.   Eventually,   I   concluded   that   there   is   no   safe   refuge   from   the   problems   that   is plaguing our world. I then decided to move back to the United States and strive to help make a difference here.

May God’s Peace and Blessings be with You