A Righteous Train is Coming Many individuals today believe that it’s too late for our country to become righteous again and that our problems are just too big for our cities to change. This problem could be real if we expect to change everything that is wrong at the same time. Let’s look at our society as if it was a long heavy railroad train that needs to get into motion in the right direction. Our society train is so massive that if we try to get everything rolling or try to change everything that is wrong at the same time we are not going to get anything moving. If an engineer of a real train works to get all the cars on his train to begin to move at the same time, his train would never get into motion. It would just break apart every time he tries to pull it because his train is also too big. So how does the engineer get his train to get into motion? The engineer will only try to get the first car in his train to start moving. Once the first car begins to start rolling that car will get the second car to start going too. Then, the second car will get the third car to move, and this process will continue all the way down the line until all the cars in his train are in motion. Once all the cars in his train are moving the engineer can then take off and go as fast as the tracks he is riding on will allow him to go. I believe we can get most of the people in our society aboard our righteous train moving in the right direction away from being evil, but we must begin with the right program first. The right project that is willing to set a good example can be blessed by God to get that first car moving. However, we need those who worship God alone to separate themselves from their evil friends, family, and co-workers first to get anything good into motion. I don’t believe that nothing that we want to do that is good will be blessed by God to succeed if there are evil people involved. Why allow someone who doesn’t believe in God to be involved in your righteous project when the only thing this individual can do is derail what you’re trying to accomplish? However, if you would separate yourselves from your unrighteous friends, family, and co-workers first God can bless them to also get on board your righteous train just not at the same time as you. They may not get on board with you on the first car but, because you were willing to set the right example first for them to follow, they could eventually decide to get on board the tenth or the twentieth car. Maybe they won’t choose to get on board until the fiftieth program starts moving in your righteous train. But, when they do decide to get on board, they won’t be doing evil things any longer. They will be striving to be a righteous person like you. People get ready because there is a righteous train coming. There is no room for the hopeless sinners, and all you need to do to get on board is to obey God’s laws.
Alan Dean Artist

A righteous train is coming



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