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Introduction to Alan Dean’s book  God’s System Restored
When   we   have   a   virus   on   our   computer   or   it   fails   to   operate   correctly   we   all   know   to   go   to   system restore   and   reset   our   computer   back   to   a   date   before   we   had   the   problem.   I   believe   God   has   given   those that   worship   Him   a   system   restore   point   to   restore   our   understanding   of   religion   back   before   our religions   of   today   if   our   world   has   fallen   back   into   darkness   and   confusion.   In   the   story   of   the   creation of   man   God   gave   Adam   and   Eve   everything   that   they   needed   to   be   happy   in   the   Garden   of   Eden   and evil   didn’t   come   into   their   lives   until   they   disobeyed   God.   They   believed   a   lie   that   was   told   to   them   by Satan,   their   enemy   and   ever   since   then   mankind   has   been   living   one   lie   after   another,   except   for   a   few brief   periods   in   our   history   when   a   people   repented,   gave   up   the   lies   and   returned   to   obeying   God.   Read more

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Righteousness, the only solution

 Alan Dean

The Soul Singer

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