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The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum of Baltimore and Alan Dean Artist Black History Month exhibit in Mondawmin Mall

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Introduction The cultural condition of a people is the moral purity and tranquility a collective group of people encourages each other to achieve. Or, the moral decay and chaos a collective group of people allow each other to descend by making excuses for bad conduct. Culture is a word most of us believe we understand very well. We've heard this word used many times in our lives, and we have used it many times in conversations about ourselves, our way of life, or when we are talking about other people's way of life. We also use the word culture whenever we are talking about people from other countries and other religions. However, I believe that most people today misuse and misunderstand this word, culture. Culture is the root word of cultivate and when I say this the meaning of culture should become a little clearer. Because most of us understand the word cultivate to have something to do with growing something. The true definition of culture is growth and development. That which helps us to grow and develop as a person, family, or society is our culture based on this meaning. Read more
Book by Alan Dean Shariff